Keeping plants alive


I’ve been keeping myself amused making hanging planters which I’m loving due to the combo of the ceramic pot, the plant and the material I use to hang them with.

There’s been quite a bit of trial and error – I found my favourite black and white hanging elastic absorbed all the water from the plant and stained it a brown colour. Not good.


I’ve also been experimenting with the type of plants which work in an indoor setting without drainage holes. Most succulents do well near windows so imagine if you will my house 2 weeks out from a market stall. Every window has two or three plants hanging around it. My bathroom has various airplants happily growing in low(ish) light and hopefully all these plants will flourish in time to find new homes.


If you’re keen to get some more plants into your home/office/man-cave/she-lair or are looking for a fun present drop by the Maker’s Market in Thirroul on Sun 16th Nov from 12 at Anita’s Theatre and get ready to be bamboozled with choice!

Hello – its great to meet you!

Christmas bells

Well, hello there!

I’m pleased as punch to be launching the news section, and in fact the whole website/webshop shebang.

I want to use exclamation marks at the end of each sentence but I’ll refrain. Let’s just say its been a long time coming….

A very brief back story is that my name is Chrystie and I’m a designer who has been working for over 10 years for other people. From designing websites and branding to packaging and photo shoots via my business Garnish Garden I have been working hard helping businesses get noticed. While I’ll still be doing that as my day job I’m happy to have Cobalt & Kin as my creative outlet and an excuse to explore my ceramics obsession and design a few things for myself along the way.

I’ll post more in the coming weeks but for now I’m madly getting ready for my market stall tomorrow. Wish me luck!