Cards to colour


I’ve been having fun illustrating a few different designs for my full time work with Garnish Garden lately and wanted to do something similar for Cobalt & Kin. Of course, it stands to reason that I’d turn to a few of my favourite things: plants in pots, vases with flowers and shelves….

colouring in gift card

I’ve also liked all the adult colouring in books and thought a gift card was a nice way for people to interact with my illustrations – you can colour in the card and give it to a loved one or leave it as is for the recipient to play with. I also made the card so that once flattened it makes a little picture that can be stuck to the fridge or even framed!

Colour inspiration

If you want a little illustrators secret here’s a tip… use a restrained colour palette and try to use a few unexpected colours. I have a pinterest board with any images that have good colour combos and using the image above as my inspiration (vases from the fantastic Studio Twocan) I did a quick colour in which I think makes for a more compelling image!

colouring in card

You can purchase the card in the shop. Happy colouring!

Wrapping hints


Here’s a fabulous DIY option for Christmas wrapping paper which also happens to look great with the Cobalt & Kin gift tags.

gift tags

Because the tags are bright pink they look fantastic on a black and white colour scheme and one of my favourite crafting blogs, Oh Happy Day, had a cheap yet elegant solution! I have always felt a little dismayed at the way wrapping paper gets shredded in the rush to discover what’s inside; over the years I have carefully prised off the sticky tape and smoothed out the paper ready for another day. But with two kids and a lot of cheap Christmas paper out there I’m less inclined to save the paper.


With this option you can get the kids involved. Use inexpensive butchers paper and some black watercolour paint (or go crazy and use another colour) and a spray bottle. Then jazz it up with a bright gift tag and some interesting ribbon and you’ve got a stack of presents which will look stunning all together under the Christmas tree.