Cards to colour


I’ve been having fun illustrating a few different designs for my full time work with Garnish Garden lately and wanted to do something similar for Cobalt & Kin. Of course, it stands to reason that I’d turn to a few of my favourite things: plants in pots, vases with flowers and shelves….

colouring in gift card

I’ve also liked all the adult colouring in books and thought a gift card was a nice way for people to interact with my illustrations – you can colour in the card and give it to a loved one or leave it as is for the recipient to play with. I also made the card so that once flattened it makes a little picture that can be stuck to the fridge or even framed!

Colour inspiration

If you want a little illustrators secret here’s a tip… use a restrained colour palette and try to use a few unexpected colours. I have a pinterest board with any images that have good colour combos and using the image above as my inspiration (vases from the fantastic Studio Twocan) I did a quick colour in which I think makes for a more compelling image!

colouring in card

You can purchase the card in the shop. Happy colouring!

A Birthday Gift

For a recent milestone birthday I was given a fantastic group present of a 3 day ceramic course. A few weeks later I packed my bags and headed to Canberra for a Form and Surface Course with Ben Carter at the Canberra Potters’ Society.
After throwing forms and adding slip on day one we then swapped our creations for our classmates to decorate on day 2 and 3. Ben said this was to ensure we didn’t get precious with the work but I’m not so sure about that… working on other people’s creations made me feel MORE pressure!
Still, it was a pleasure handling my classmates work, which were quite different to what I would make and I’m excited to see them when they come out of the kiln. The image above was hand built by Isabel Mackay-Sim and I then added the slip and carved into it.
Keep an eye on Instagram for the finished pieces!

Keeping plants alive


I’ve been keeping myself amused making hanging planters which I’m loving due to the combo of the ceramic pot, the plant and the material I use to hang them with.

There’s been quite a bit of trial and error – I found my favourite black and white hanging elastic absorbed all the water from the plant and stained it a brown colour. Not good.


I’ve also been experimenting with the type of plants which work in an indoor setting without drainage holes. Most succulents do well near windows so imagine if you will my house 2 weeks out from a market stall. Every window has two or three plants hanging around it. My bathroom has various airplants happily growing in low(ish) light and hopefully all these plants will flourish in time to find new homes.


If you’re keen to get some more plants into your home/office/man-cave/she-lair or are looking for a fun present drop by the Maker’s Market in Thirroul on Sun 16th Nov from 12 at Anita’s Theatre and get ready to be bamboozled with choice!

Candles to keep

lemongrass and coconut candles

I am excited to introduce 2 new items into the shop today, candles that are hand poured into handmade Japanese ceramics.
You can have a look at the Banquet Candles and Tea Ceremony candles in the shop.

The whole concept of this range is that once your candle has burnt you then have a beautiful handmade cup or bowl to use and so I wanted to give a few instructions on how to reuse your container after the candle has been burnt:

  1. Pour boiling water into container to remove last bits of wax.
  2. Use tissues or paper toweling to wipe away any black smoke residue while container is still hot from water.
  3. Wash container in warm soapy water or your dishwasher.
  4. Enjoy!

Candles in tea cups

A Stall at the Wild Rumpus Maker’s Market


It’s been a while since I posted as I’m using Instagram as my main way of showing my latest work.

I last had a market stall in 2013 and I’ve been building up my collection of one off pieces which I’m really excited to be selling at this weekend’s Maker’s Market, Anita’s Theatre Thirroul on the 20th July from 12.


There will be a vast array of items for sale – cups and plates, platters and bowls and lots and lots of jewellery.


If you’re in the area please drop by and say hello!

Keeping in touch


I’m well immersed in the summer holiday vibe so things have been a bit slow here at C&K HQ. Luckily, I recently installed a wheel in the garage and have been happily making various items which will no doubt make their way to the shop or to ka~fé where I sell a few of my wares.


By far the best way to keep up with what I’m making is Instagram. I’m also loving instagram for following artists, its a great way to get a feeling for someone’s practice and inspiration.

Come and follow Cobalt & Kin, I’d love to meet you!

Wrapping hints


Here’s a fabulous DIY option for Christmas wrapping paper which also happens to look great with the Cobalt & Kin gift tags.

gift tags

Because the tags are bright pink they look fantastic on a black and white colour scheme and one of my favourite crafting blogs, Oh Happy Day, had a cheap yet elegant solution! I have always felt a little dismayed at the way wrapping paper gets shredded in the rush to discover what’s inside; over the years I have carefully prised off the sticky tape and smoothed out the paper ready for another day. But with two kids and a lot of cheap Christmas paper out there I’m less inclined to save the paper.


With this option you can get the kids involved. Use inexpensive butchers paper and some black watercolour paint (or go crazy and use another colour) and a spray bottle. Then jazz it up with a bright gift tag and some interesting ribbon and you’ve got a stack of presents which will look stunning all together under the Christmas tree.

Hello – its great to meet you!

Christmas bells

Well, hello there!

I’m pleased as punch to be launching the news section, and in fact the whole website/webshop shebang.

I want to use exclamation marks at the end of each sentence but I’ll refrain. Let’s just say its been a long time coming….

A very brief back story is that my name is Chrystie and I’m a designer who has been working for over 10 years for other people. From designing websites and branding to packaging and photo shoots via my business Garnish Garden I have been working hard helping businesses get noticed. While I’ll still be doing that as my day job I’m happy to have Cobalt & Kin as my creative outlet and an excuse to explore my ceramics obsession and design a few things for myself along the way.

I’ll post more in the coming weeks but for now I’m madly getting ready for my market stall tomorrow. Wish me luck!